MECH ENG 4U3 Compressible Flow and Turbomachinery
Spring 2019

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Fri Mar 22, Assignment 6 posted due Monday Apr 1
Fri Mar 22, Lectures 10 posted - GT turbines
Wed Mar 13, Lectures 9 posted - GT compressors
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Instructor: Dr. S.W. Tullis
Office: JHE-304
Extension: 27692 - email is far preferred
e-mail: stullis @

Office Hours: No specific hours, although I am available in the class or my office after lectures for questions. Other meetings can easily be arranged by email.
Teaching Assistant/Marker: Mahsa Rezaee    rezaem3 @
To get course summary/syllabus sheet (for the full course) click here.
Final Exam:
Course Texts:
Compressible Flow - Fox & McDonald
Turbomachinery - Dixon and Hall (Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery 7th edition).
Note better tables from Fox textbook online, also better oblique shock (theta-beta-M) chart.
Also isentropic flow table, normal shock table, and expansion fan (Prandtl-Meyer) table.  
Other References

Mon, Wed, Thurs 1:30 HH102

  • Lectures Part 1: Introduction
  • Lectures Part 2: Isentropic 1D flow
  • Lectures Part 3: Normal Shocks
  • Lectures Part 4: Oblique shocks
  • Lectures Part 5: Expansion fans
  • Lectures Part 6: 1D Flows with Friction
  • Lectures Part 7: 1D flow with heat transfer
  • Lectures Part 8: Turbomachinery (gas turbines) introduction
  • Lectures Part 9: GT compressors
  • Lectures Part 10: GT turbines


      Hand in assignments to Box in JHE-307.
  • Assignment 1 due Wednesday January 30
  • Assignment 2 due Monday February 11 NOON
  • Assignment 3 due Tuesday February 26 NOON
  • Mini Assignment 4 due Monday March 11 NOON
  • Mini Assignment 5 due Monday March 18 NOON
  • Assignment 6 due Monday April 1 26 NOON

  • Assign 1 solutions (total/27): 1 (/3) , 2 (/12) , 3 (/3) , 4 (/9)
  • Assign 2 solutions (total/36): 1 (/5) , 2 (/14) , 3 (/6) , 4 (/11)
  • Assign 3 solutions (total/37): 1 (/12) , 2 (/12) 3 (/13)
  • Assign 4 solution (total/10): 1 (/10)  

    For 6U03 there is a research project and presentation in addition to the 4U03 course requirements. The written project report is due on XXX, and the presentations will be to the 4U3 class on XXX. Each presentation will be XXX minutes with XXX minutes for questions. Please talk with me directly to be clear on the requirements for the project - in particular, the projects shall be on current research on a topic in compressible flow or turbomachinery.  

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